5 Dos and Don’ts Of Introducing Your Friends To Cannabis

When you have a good time consuming cannabis, it’s natural to want to share that experience with your friends. You may know someone who hasn’t tried cannabis before, and you’re convinced that once they give it a whirl, they will probably experience the same positive feelings as you. However, some first experiences come with anxiety, paranoia, dissociation, a racing heart, and other unpleasant sensations. A bad trip can even be enough to swear off cannabis for a lifetime. When introducing your friends to cannabis for the first time, it’s important that you know how to do so thoughtfully and patiently.

Read on to learn the five dos and don’ts of introducing your friends to cannabis.

1. Create a Comfortable Setting

Know what music they like. Have water and snacks nearby. Hang out in a quiet area. Maybe take a stroll outside. Be with people they know. The goal is to create a setting where your friend can feel calm and safe.

2. Know That People’s Bodies React To Cannabis Differently

It’s important to know that how you react to cannabis may not be the same way your friend will react to it. Everyone is unique. When it comes to consuming cannabis, how we experience it may differ from person to person. People have differences in activation time (the amount of time it takes for an individual to feel the effects of ingesting or inhaling cannabis). A low-dose edible will take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to take effect, whereas a dab or vape hit might only take a few minutes to generate a change of feeling.

3. Don’t Overdo It

Since your friend is trying cannabis for the first time, start small! Remember, it’s always better to try a little first.  Instruct them to wait to see how their body reacts. Have them monitor their comfort level with the experience before allowing them to ingest more. If you buy an edible, read the label carefully and consider taking a quarter to a half the recommended dose the first time.

4. Stay Positive

No one likes to be judged while trying something for the first time. Be patient. Let your friend experience cannabis and enjoy it in the same ways you have. By staying positive, you can ensure that your friend has a good time.

5. Pay Attention To Their Reactions

Focus on your friend’s reaction and know what to do if they’re having a bad time. That might mean drinking some water or taking a rest on the couch; either way, it’s important to be present in the moment and pay attention to how your friend is feeling. When you’re paying attention, you’ll notice little cues as to how they’re doing. And you can be there to support them. Or giggle with them.

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