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So you want to try (or retry) cannabis but you are pretty sure you don’t want to inhale smoke and what’s with all the paraphernalia!? It used to be so much simpler!

You want a simple, safe, easy solution that tastes good and is easy to divide for smaller micro-dosing. You definitely don’t want the Maureen Dowd experience and it can be hard to read that teeny-tiny font and harder to cut a half-inch square into 6 pieces! (we are always misplacing our reading glasses too)


Our CaraMellower uses only five simple ingredients. Our signature, clean-tasting cbd butter, cream, sugar, refined cane syrup and locally sourced Bitterman's Flake sea salt. We lovingly cut and wrap the caramels by hand before placing them in child-safe packaging. We use the highest quality, natural ingredients, with no added preservatives. The CaraMellower is the easiest way to start your journey.


LemMend is our infused lemon curd, perfect on its own or drizzled on your favorite dessert. (We love it on blackberries and vanilla ice cream). Hand crafted in small batches and with no artificial ingredients, our lemon curd is made with our signature clean-tasting cbdbutter, lemon zest, cane sugar, real lemon juice and kosher salt. LemMend is the foodies' way to start your journey.



A part of our Cook Your Own Cannabis (CYOC) line, our premium cannabis-infused olive oil is the cooking staple for both culinary professionals and home cooks. It can be used as any olive oil, in baked goods, vinaigrette, soups, braises and stews. Our infused olive-oil can replace butter, vegetable oil, or other fats in most recipes. CYOC allows you creative freedom. With dependable dosing, we provide the base and you create your favorite dishes.


A part of our Cook Your Own Cannabis (CYOC) line, our cannabis-infused Ghee is simple and easy to use as it liberates and enhances other flavors in your recipe. Ghee has been considered food of the Gods, and now we have a version for you to try. Vegetarian friendly, it cuts the edge of spices and makes food more digestible. With a pleasant nutty, butterscotch flavor, simply add a spoonful either at the beginning or end of the cooking process.