How to Find the Right Dispensary

The proliferation of dispensaries, 167 in Portland alone, allows for an array of experiences. Finding the right one can be a daunting task, but when done right will bud into a lasting relationship.


Before setting out, consider what you want out of the experience: it might be helpful to think about your favorite coffee shop or grocer. What draws you back? Why drive the extra mile? Perhaps you like the aesthetic, the friendly staff, or the product mix. Dispensaries are no different, so consider the selection criteria important to you. This simple calibration will narrow the search, ultimately saving you time.


One critical consideration is the education offered by your dispensary. A reputable dispensary will have in-depth knowledge of all of their products. Seek the advice of a reputable ‘bud master’, the patient advisor within the dispensary. Even seasoned ‘cannoisseurs’ find it difficult to keep up with the variety and complexity of the legal market. To that end, seek out a dispensary that takes education seriously. Search their webpage for up-to-date information, menus, product reviews and the type of high you can expect.


Where can you find this information? Google might seem like an obvious resource, but websites like Leafly and Weedmaps are optimized for locating and learning about dispensaries. Here you’ll find product information, reviews, and videos. The information offered will be a good indicator of what to expect on arrival. Consumer reviews are one of the best ways to see what’s inside. Look for nuggets of information about customer-service, repeat visits, and innovative products.


If you are looking to treat a particular ailment, be sure to let your patient advisor know when you arrive. Browse the menu online and compile the questions you would like to ask. If you want to be really thorough, call ahead to find out if your dispensary is running any specials, or if you can make an appointment to talk to someone specific. Quality dispensaries invest in their staff and it will show in their knowledge, customer service skills, and reviews. In short, the best dispensaries will educate customers to achieve the best outcomes.


Don’t forget to revisit these sites after your visit, review your experience, and connect with your favorite suppliers on social!

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