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Oregon Should Sell Weed to Germany

Dear Governor Brown, The world is watching as our administration falls deeper into the morass of ‘might makes right.’ As we hear about camps being set up in army barracks and Walmarts, it seems that “law” is an increasingly malleable concept. I am left wondering, given how little respect the administration has for the laws […]

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5 Dos and Don’ts Of Introducing Your Friends To Cannabis

When you have a good time consuming cannabis, it’s natural to want to share that experience with your friends. You may know someone who hasn’t tried cannabis before, and you’re convinced that once they give it a whirl, they will probably experience the same positive feelings as you. However, some first experiences come with anxiety, […]

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Cooking with gas!

Welcome to the new world of normalized cannabis. At Little House we want to welcome you to the new world of normalized cannabis. We offer a few simple rules for your first time at a dispensary (because we all know the first time is the hardest!) Choose your dispensary carefully Like any store, each dispensary […]

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