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Welcome to the new world of normalized cannabis.

At Little House we want to welcome you to the new world of normalized cannabis. We offer a few simple rules for your first time at a dispensary (because we all know the first time is the hardest!)

Choose your dispensary carefully

Like any store, each dispensary is going to have its own personality and way of doing business. You wouldn’t choose McDonald’s when you want steak, and that’s a good way to think about choosing your dispensary. The higher end dispensaries may charge a little more, but they also invest in education and that’s worth a premium.

You will need a state-issued form of ID

The state has issued regulations to ensure dispensaries operate in a safe and effective manner. As a result, all of them are set up in the same way. You will enter the store by way of a lobby with a front desk. You may need to ring a bell to get the receptionist’s attention, but the front door will be unlocked (no waiting outside, just slip right in!)

Present your ID to the receptionist who will make sure you are of legal age. This is all the stuff that’s been added to make sure your experience is safe from beginning to end. After that is taken care of, you will be ushed in by a staff member.

Take your time!

Your first time at the dispensary is overwhelming for everyone. Even long-time cannabis connoisseurs are a little shell-shocked when they encounter the differences of a legal industry. There are a lot of strains, a lot of products, and a LOT of information. Luckily that is what the budtenders are there for! (This is also why it’s important to choose your dispensary carefully)


With all the options now available it can be hard to decide (or even know where to start.) If it is your first time consuming cannabis, we would recommend looking at low-dose edibles or a vape pen. These options present the least paraphernalia and the smoothest intake.

Consuming smoke or vapor has a much quicker effect, while edibles take some time. For both options, it is important to relax and notice how you feel.

If you want something that makes you sleepier then you should consider an Indica strain, while if you want something to energize, you want a Sativa. These words are loosely associated with a type of high. If you want a little bit of both then consider a Hybrid.

Take some friends to share the experience!

It can be intimidating to try any new experience, but like most activities, it’s usually waaaay more fun with friends. The previous clandestine nature of cannabis can make broaching the subject a little more fraught, but you might be surprised by how many people have or want to try cannabis.

When I tell people what I do, all they want is to talk about their experiences and very few feel negative.  Normalization throughout society will take some time, but having conversations is the first step.

Discovering what your local dispensary has to offer is pretty fun when your friends are there discovering it with you. An added benefit, you can each try something and share, ensuring a wider variety without increasing your costs.


We are so excited to be part of your experience! We want to hear about your first time at the dispensary and tips for newbies! Find us on social media @littlehousefoods and visit our blog for more!


Welcome to the Revolution…